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CNC Milling

Innovation Sandbox is a proud owner of an X-Carve CNC mill. CNCs are powerful tools for prototyping because they can cut a myriad of different materials very precisely and accurately. 

The X-Carve is a 3 Axis tabletop CNC with a 2-inch cutting depth. While CNCs can be very technical and intimidating to non-engineers, the X-Carve runs on Easel, a simple graphics-based Computer Aided Machining software, to set up most of its tool paths. Using Easel makes the CNC a useful tool to anyone from Theater majors to Aerospace majors. 


The X-Carve, like most other CNCs, is also capable of running generic g-code. For more complex projects with sloped or curved depths, a g-code file can be created through Fusion 360 or other CAM software. This allows the X-Carve to be a widely applicable tool for anything from a small quick design, to a complex three dimensional object.

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