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Vinyl Cutting

The vinyl cutter at the Innovation Sandbox offers the ability to bring digital graphic art to life by cutting it out of vinyl. Most popularly, students use adhesive-backed vinyl to create stickers to put on water bottles, laptops, etc. With the machine’s ability to cut any shape on a flat surface, all that’s left is to learn the machine, master the software, and make great graphic art.


The vinyl cutter itself is a Roland GS-24. It uses a blade to cut through material. The blade head runs along one direction, while the material is moved by wheels in 


a different plane direction for the result of being able to cut anywhere on the vinyl surface. This operates much like our CNC mill, where it follows paths to cut.


The software to run this machine is fairly simple to learn. We use Adobe Illustrator with the Roland CutStudio plug-in. With this software, you’ll be able to convert any image into vector paths or create your own art.

Come learn how to design and create stickers or decals at the Innovation Sandbox! Contact Mandy Tran ( for more information about training.

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