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Upcoming Workshops

Check back soon for more workshops in the future!

Sign Up Information

IMPORTANT: You need to have an Autodesk account USING YOUR CAL POLY EMAIL in order to do generative design. We also recommend that you either download Fusion onto your personal computer, or let us know in the comments section of the sign-up sheet if you need to use one of the lab computers.

Get access to Fusion 360 HERE

Past Workshops and Resources

Utililizing CAM in Fusion 360

Download the Easel post-processor here. This software was used in the workshop. Install it in Fusion in order to post-process in easel and CNC on the X-Carve.

Windows Users:

In Fusion 360, open the Post Process dialog under CAM and set the configuration folder to a folder containing the downloaded Easel.cps

Mac Users:

Move downloaded Easel.cps file to Autodesk>Fusion 360 CAM>Posts

Intro to Fusion 360

Surface Modeling Fusion 360

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